Meeting in Darkness

Souls meeting in darkness

And passion.

Sweetness in acceptance, a perfect fit,

The essence of man and woman, as it is meant to be.

No drama, no pretense,

Just truth and faith.

Truth in what we feel and faith

That all will be as is it meant to be.

The night is full and twilight

Is sweet and sensuous.

Morning comes and he leaves, again.

But this time there is no sorrow in parting, as it is only โ€œgoodbye, for nowโ€.

I know he will return when the time is right

And the darkness is soft.

His scent lingers in my bed and his hands

Have left handprints of heat on my skin that warm my heart long after he is gone.

There is no place in my life or heart for drama, as I am tired of it all,

There is only room for love and acceptance.

Acceptance of the fact that the time he gives to me and the time I give to him

Will remain ours and only ours forever and

That special, unique part of us that we share,

Expressed in whispered words of passion and caring

Will never be given to anyone else.

It is ours alone, no matter what the future brings.

And so in time, the passion will begin again

And it will be as if it had never ended.



13 thoughts on “Meeting in Darkness

  1. That was so beautiful ! The hurting acceptance is an inevitable truth and no matter how dreadful it may seem, it is for a greater good. With such perseverance, the passion will have no choice to return. You depicted a mature human relationship so lovingly, there is so much to take from your poem, so much that needs to be applied in my life. Thank you for sharing this and showing the light to all your readers. For me, the true meaning of love will always be this poem ๐Ÿ™‚

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