Sunday Morning Bach

Sunday morning Bach

Sweet spring sunshine and cooling breezes,

White puffs of clouds drift in crystal blue skies

And birds sing in joy and welcome.

My little deck is my spot,

A haven  of sunlight and windchimes.

A space for me to be, just be and let the words flow in from

Somewhere else, through, and maybe in spite of, me.

Bach flows out through the door and into the forest.

It is a perfect fit and complements the trees and sky.

Echoes with a man’s gift of voice to joy.  The trees know

and resonate in response to this gift. I can feel them.

Geese fly overhead,

Lending their voices to the serenade.

As I sit here, tea cup in hand, sharing this pace with the cats and sunshine,

I can think of no better place to be.

The music fills my heart, the forest fills my soul

With the essence of truth, and

The sunshine fills my dreams with the promise of hope and

A sence that the world is beautifutl, as it is

Meant to be, we need only to look for and welcome in the joy

Hari Om.

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