Early Spring

Snow is gone but the ground

Still holds its cold.

Warmth in spots, sun showers

Sink beneath my skin warming me from the inside out.

Familiar places return from the

Snows, like crops from the field.

Plants and flower stalks rise from

The ashes of last year’s autumn,

And leaves flattened by winter’s drifts

Stir in the spring breeze and blow in gangs across the yard.

All is in motion, change is in the air

And the earth responds.

The ice comes out of the birdbath in a saucer

shaped disk, embedded with seed husks.

The spring forest greens from the ground up and red and brown catkins

decorate the maple and aspen tree tops.

Even the sound of the windchimes responds to the spring breezes.

Winter’s harsh clanging is softened to a lovely lull of melody.

Oak trees gladly relinquish last year’s leaves to

make room for new buds opening.

As if to say, “Now is the time – the moment has come, embrace the new season

of growth and life until the cycle repeats and winter’s snow returns with the

silence and stillness of ice.”

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