Seasons Change

The snow melts and earth softens.

Sprouts erupt and the worms awaken.


The green overtakes the brown

In slow stages.


It sneaks in at the bottom first then

In from the edges.


Herbs spring to life

Under cover of dead leaves.


Perennials all, they recognize

The season’s changes first


And push themselves through the snow.

First to rise, first to shine.


A change in seasons has begun, another winter survived

And the hope and promise of spring proves true yet again.

8 thoughts on “Seasons Change

  1. Beautiful ! I could actually see the imagery you drew with your words so perfectly. Loved the amazing message you gave. The hope and promise of spring proves true yet again. Really left me speechless! Probably one just has to wait, wait for the snow to recede, spring will eventually come. 🙂

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