Love’s music, full of

Softness and peace.

Profound sadness of heart,

But joy in the listening.

Some sounds resonate in my heart and

Are notes to cherish and share.

Oftentimes an opening of feelings long buried.

As much in pain and sadness as in joy.

There is such a short distance between tears

Of joy and tears of pain that

They are sometimes confused,

One with the other.

Music brings out a depth of feeling, unexplainable,

Sometimes foreign, but always familiar.

To be able to make music is such a gift,

One that I surely do not possess!

But he does.  I hold his music close to my heart and feel the

Heartbeat of the music maker.

A writer and singer of soul and heart,

He speaks in sounds, notes rearranged in endless patters

With an ease that belies the complexity of the process.

Words of soul, love in notes, flowing beauty,

Softness of heart, eternity in each heartbeat.

You’re my poetry man, “you make things all-right”

Thank you