Epic Love

An epic love is one we knew in our deepest heart space.

A love that remained in secret, just below the surface and still does.

That one we don’t ever speak of, it’s too painful.

A love where all the signs and signals said “beware”, “stay away”.

We didn’t.

We couldn’t.

It was a Cinderella fantasy come to life.

A love to good to be true and was.

It was the kind of love that stays in our hearts and at the edge of our minds.

It was a love that was never meant to last.

It was too passionate, too intense and raw to maintain forever.

It came into our hearts like an avalanche of emotion, a storm of lust.

And just as violently as it came, it was gone leaving us lost and broken.

But in spite of the pain, it changed us for the better. 

It changed us into women who felt a level of passion and love we will never forget,

could never have imagined was possible and one that may never come again.

If we are honest with ourselves, we knew from the beginning that it was a love that was never really ours to keep.

Didn’t we…

8 thoughts on “Epic Love

  1. Dear friend. I had two epic loves. We didn’t marry. Maybe youth or not smart enough to know. We held a forever love and forgot to hold on. The two kind woman, we found each other three times.. We tried three times and love wasn’t enough. They stay in my mind. In our youth. We seek the wrong things. The epic love. The writer’s wealth. A amazing poem my friend.


    1. thank you… your opinion means a great deal to me… I had two epic loves as well. One very short and ended in his passing, the other a man I was addicted to,
      was it addiction or love, I don’t know, may never know… but will never forget

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