Let the Ordinary Amaze You

Let the ordinary amaze you.

Savor the taste of an apple.

Drink in the sound of a waterfall.

Marvel at the cycle of the seasons and

rest in their dependability.

See the confirmation of the miracle of life in

every second of being.

Become one with all that is sacred and holy and

be astounded at the face of a flower, a newborn baby, a summer thunderstorm.

Feel the positive energy and vibration of the universe

that holds you in its arms.

Sleep in the peace of knowing

That morning will always follow the darkest of nights.

Enjoy this life you have been blessed with.

Move away from the negative.

Reject the downward pull of the unknowing and

let your positive light shine above it all.

Share in the bounty of life, choose your own path, and

Add your positive energy to the worldwide awakening.

Let the ordinary amaze you.

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