I loved touching him,

I loved being touched.

I loved holding him,

I loved being held.

I loved kissing him,

I loved being kissed.

I loved loving him,

I loved being loved.

But he is gone

And has taken with him the



Kissing, and


The once warm darkness we shared in early morning loving

Is now empty and cold.

Memories are all I have left.

My sorrow is complete.

5 thoughts on “Loving

    1. that is true and even more sad, I think. But sometimes I think it would be easier to never have known what it “could” be like rather than to have it, or think you did, only to discover it was all fake… oh well, maybe in my next lifetime…


  1. Gaedith

    Thought I found my dream guy my knight in bright Amor. My soul mate My true love it was all fake from him 14 months he lefi because I’m I’ll had 2 surgeries waiting to see next test result are terminal. And because I’m broke. Thought this kind of nightmare was only in th e movies. I left him the poem loving. He won’t read it. I need to start writing again.. It was beautiful k and perfect thank you


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