Love in Silence

It is a soft and gracious October evening.

The wood-stove’s warmth seeps into every nook and cranny,

Warming me from the floor up.

I step out of a hot shower after coating my body with

The silky texture and fragrance of rosemary/lavender goats’ milk soap.

I wrap myself in soft cotton towels and robe and

Settle into my favorite chair for an evening of creating.

While I write, the clouds evaporate over my house and

Star light shines in through the skylight over my head.

The clear skies bring cold frosty night air to fog and freeze my windows.

But the warmth holds tight inside while the cold air presses against my door.

On this October night the stove will win, the moths will shiver, the crickets will fall silent and

Falling leaves will crackle and dance in the biting wind.

While I, in my soft warmth, will think of you and write of love in silence.

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