Rules of the Game

I don’t like games, I never did

I don’t like rules either, but there are so many.


Don’t say this, don’t say that,

Don’t expect anything.


Play nice, follow the rules and you won’t be alone,

Want too much and what little is given will be taken back.


Tiptoe around, don’t share your feelings,

Stop thinking, it’s safer not to feel.


Don’t express your love,

Don’t miss, don’t ask for anything.


If you dare to, what you ask for will be purposely withheld.

Just another control.


Just be there and be happy

With what is thrown your way.


I don’t like games, I never did

8 thoughts on “Rules of the Game

  1. I’m with you M. I dislike games too (unless it’s something like Crimes Against Humanity which is an hysterical parlor game) , as much as I hate lies. Especially one in which the rules change all the time, so there is no way to know what they are from day to day. Yes, safer not to feel, not to express your feelings. Because, in my case, my feelings didn’t matter anyway. Big hugs….hoping it is getting easier. Call me if you want.


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