I died in my dreams last night.

It wasn’t a scary, tragic death,

No falling off a cliff or

Being hit by a truck,

But a slow, comforting, amber colored death.

A gentle fading away of my sprit and heart.

A last look at a loveless world, and

A sad acceptance of failure and sorrow.

But a small hope remained in my empty heart, a hope that the passage would lead to

Something greater, better and more beautiful.

Some say our dreams reflect our truth,

I feel this one reflects mine.

I have died to the hope of love.

Not the family and friends love that I treasure, but that deep personal love.

A love to share with only him, a once in a lifetime love that is

Physical, spiritual and everlasting.

My heart has been deceived one too many times.

I have given it freely and have had it returned to me broken and unwanted.

My heart was fed just enough to keep it hoping and waiting and loving,

Only to be dealt the final blow of a violated trust and a promise not kept.

Such a simple thing to ask,

But I guess that was too much to hope for.

A friend told me the other night that it was my own fault; I allowed it to happen,

Her words made me feel embarrassed, ashamed that I had

Let him treat me the way he has.

But I think the person doing the mistreating should be the one to be embarrassed and ashamed.

I won’t be made to feel ashamed for trusting him completely and loving him with all my being.  It is the only way I know.

People are always saying to me that “you are right where you are meant to be, God put you there so you could learn and grow.” To that I say, Bullshit!

It is a cruel God who hurts his children,

Who punishes them for loving and trusting. That is not a God I will ever believe in.

But if I am wrong and this is the truth of God’s workings in my life then I guess I should

Thank him for putting me in this place of pain and sorrow, of heartbreak and loss.

You have proved your point, God, and I have learned my lesson well.

You are cruel and not to be trusted.

So I thank you and want you to know that I have learned what you wanted me to know,

But if it’s all the same to you God, don’t do me any favors, I’ll take it from here.