He Owns Me

He runs his hands over my body like he owns it,

And he does.

He whispers love and lust in my ear like he owns me,

And he does.

His words wrap my heart in love and joy like they own it,

and they do.

His deception tears my heart out and stomps it into the dirt,

and it hurts.

The sadness he leaves with me will hurt forever whether he meant to or not

and so it will.

He will never be replaced in my heart,

I don’t want him to be.

This love will never end

Because I will not let it.

7 thoughts on “He Owns Me

    1. Thank you so much, you are very kind. I write my truths from my heart. I think we, as human beings, can all relate to other’s sufferings, we have all been there…Thank you for reading and your following, much appreciated!

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