Love is Not for The Faint of Heart

He taught me to sit in mystical darkness,

And watch the floating pin points of light in my soul.

They were at once familiar and strange, a one sighted following,

A place where songs were sung backwards.

The sitting itself was an empty solitude,

But only on the surface.

Although years have passed, the echoing sadness still seeps in.

Thankfully, time and focus have helped to remove its sting.

But even time cannot erase the unanswered questions that linger,

They are still shouting in my ear to be heard.

My continuing faith in Sri helps to remove my doubts while

His quiet presence replaces my pain.

He has made me realize there is no more time for seeping sadness,

Its time has finally passed and his death has lost its drowning sorrow.

Now my teacher’s essence speaks to me in thoughts not words, but his message is still the same.

He tells me to be open, still, and fearless.

He promises that if I take it all in and have faith, I will receive what I need.

I will be held and loved – sunlit wrinkles and all.

I will never lose the sound of his voice as it is written on my soul and

Held close to my heart.

Sri’s wisdom is as profound now as it was then as

He tells me once again that my love for the other is right and good.

It is a love that was meant to be. There is nothing greater,

Nothing less, nothing more to need.

My teacher asks me to reside within that love, and feel the power

And strength that comes from knowing that it is right and good.

Sri understands that my love for the other is whole and simple, kind and generous,

Is light and darkness together,

He can see into my heart and

Feel how this love fills me with warmth and joy.

His words encourage me to never to give up for as his love has shown me,

It is not always easy to love but to love for love’s sake is in and of itself its own reward.

He taught me that it takes strength to love unconditionally, and

To hold another’s heart in your hands and not be afraid takes courage and commitment.

Love is not for the faint of heart.

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