Who I Am

I am a woman,

A real woman.

Finally one with who I am

Not who anyone else wants me to be.

Mother, daughter, grandmother, friend, sister, lover

All aspects of the same me.

I know what I can take and

When to say “Enough!”

When to be still, when to move

When to love, when to protect.

They are my choices to make, mine alone and

My chances to take as well.

I have enough love for the whole world and

Dreams to match.

I am wise in so many new ways,

Ways I never knew existed.

The transition from girl to young woman

To the me of now has been a hard journey.

I no longer need, now I know and feel and treasure what and who is.

This recent shift in perspective has been life changing.

I know what I don’t want and what I

Will not put up with ever again.

I am a mother to everyone and

A servant to none but God.

I am a sister to my friends and will stand by

And with them for all time.

It takes a special man to handle the love of a real woman,

A woman of strength and passion.

I am thankful to have finally met such a man, I am his lover and his alone.

My love for him is not controlling or imposing, it is freeing and glorious, as is he.

“Come my love, come share in my journey, as I will share in yours.

Take my hand and walk with me, I will not let you down, I promise.”

It has taken me 60 years to find this place in myself and now with him.

I can finally shut off the voices in my head that would deny me this joy.

They are self-defeating voices carrying left over pains from the past, a past

Best left behind, not ignored and stifled but learned from and then put to rest.

I can now assert and live my right to be who I am, who I’ve always been,

From the beginning of time and now, thankfully, for all time to come.

18 thoughts on “Who I Am

    1. no, I’m 60 years old, I have no marriage, was married for 18 years before I smartened up and moved on! Thank you for all your comments, I so appreciate them and you!! peace and hugs to you my friend!! 🙂

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      1. I’m so sorry to hear that, my dear friend. 💗
        May I call you, Madam? You’re older than me then. I feel crude to call you by name. Thank you! Always love you! 😍


      2. you are funny! I appreciate your show of respect but please call me Michelle, calling me Madam really makes me feel old! I feel so privileged to be your friend, you are an amazing woman! 🙂

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  1. Fateema Abdallah

    Wow this was a real inspiring poem. In fact it takes many years to learn things from life. I also like the fact that you talk about being ourselves and not other selves. People always try to copy and imitate other individuals or to compare their life with that of others. To each individual his/her own experiences. We are unique, we all have a purpose on this world but my purpose will not be the same as someone else’s purpose.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you are 100% right!! Thank you for the complement and thank you for reading my work, I so appreciate your comments and insight, wise woman that you are!! Hugs and love to you 🙂


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