Magic at Midnight

Midnight, the night is deep,

Darkness complete.

Time is right, magic is in the air.

A fog of silence and forgetfulness rolls in and settles between the trees.

They creak and groan as the soil around them releases its hold and

The forest floor itself moves and then rolls away, dissolving into the fog.

Exposed roots and life bask in the dankness of the new moon as

the night creatures rise to stare in wonder at the unfamiliar sky.

The remaining soil becomes transparent and the life below is revealed.

Beds of moss hold sleeping creatures and startled owls take flight.

Another world, one of roots and life,  rocks and tunnels

A world of soft, dark, warmth and welcome.

The very place where life began, the essence of creation,

where soil and water, life and earth mixed together to hold the seeds of the future planted there.

Planting the future, with God’s hand and love until

Daylight brings the magic to an end.

Soil solidifies and

The forest floor is rolled back into place.

The underground world breaths deep and is content once again

To remain hidden, and hold its secrets close.

Safe in its disguise, all is hidden.

Magic sleeps and the owls come home to rest.

All is quiet and held in secret silence

Until that strange scent of mystery is in the air

and the fog of new moon and magic reveal

the life and love of the hidden world.

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