Want is no more…

I fear the well has gone dry,

the tears are used up,

they hold no more.


is replace  with hope.

fulfillment is seen  in the distance, a waiting and wanting,

a dream, a hope, but no more.  It shifts with the sand.

the dunes dissolve and rise again in heart felt power,

the power of the winds of change, destroy and rebuild,

love destroys and rebuilds.

winds come and blow it away, hope rises and the tide builds it back again.

long suffering connections, lost in love,

drowned in hope, starved with affection.

fed on the shells, husks, real

sustenance  withheld and shifting like dunes

need sinks the ship and want can hold on no more.

13 thoughts on “Want is no more…

  1. “long suffering connections, lost in love, drowned in hope, starved with affection”. This is the most heart-touching and beautiful post I have come across! I really don’t have words to aptly admire this masterpiece. A display of brilliance this is. Your words coming straight from the heart reach straight into the hearts of your readers! Take care and keep sharing your thoughts as beautifully as you do 🙂


  2. miss you twin sister….things goin bad lately maybe, shedding tears is needed to wash away doubts and fear..
    hope you good health and happiness.


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