Disapointments of the Past

I think disappointment is the worst,

worse than heart break.

you really think you know him

you can feel him, smell him

when he is nowhere near.

hear his voice in your head

feel his touch in your soul.

you really think you know him.

you believe it all.

others say beware, but you know better

after all, you are the one he loves, what do the others know.

It is all so comfortable, so right, so true,

Until it isn’t.

until you realize you have been made a fool of yet again.

I don’t know which hurts more

my disappointment in him or in me.

14 thoughts on “Disapointments of the Past

  1. It’s difficult. So hard not to have expectations and so hard to accept when the other person chooses differently. I have been working hard at accepting what I’m offered and focusing elsewhere if I find myself with free time I didn’t expect or want. Fact is, my guy is more driven to me when I don’t want him so much, so intently that I was constantly making an issue of it. Go figure. But it’s working, so that’s all that matters to me. Big big hugs to you. Love and light.


    1. I’m glad it is working for you! I hope it continues for you. this will work for me if I can do what I said it would do (stop expecting and just let it be what it is), he is too precious to me not to try…. love and hugs to you too, my friend 🙂


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