Today my senses have been filled.

All emotions coming in their own time, in fits and

Torrents of pleasure.

Love in all its forms.

For child, grandchild, music and words.

Love for him and the sky,

And the sounds of the field.

The love of life,

God’s words in varied forms, audible and not.

Morning love and passion with

Smiles and light – caring, warm, intense and perfect.

Child and her small one, perfect complements of each other,

Hearts in line.

Wind & Chi, a field of hope and eternal gratitude for what once was and will always be,

and as i sit

the Kirtan flows and joins the gratitude of the space.

My poetry place- a joining and treasuring

of kindred sprints never met.  A wealth of beauty and positive light.

People and words to cherish and hold dear, truly a gift.

And an afternoon spent with words, books and thoughts of him

serenaded by Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #3, too lovely for words,

Yo-Yo Ma’s cello perfection and Rufus Wainwright’s words – profound and moving.

A Sunday spent in love with life and all it holds

so simple, so easy, so right.

I am grateful to be

Just be. I need nothing more.



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