In Love With Love

Hope, finally hope.

A light at the end of… what?

Despair, loneliness, emptiness, or a

Self imposed punishment?

Punishment for loving so deeply

Without care or thought of the consequences.

That depth of connection and feeling,

It was all that mattered.

But then he died.

He was gone but the connection and love remained.

It turned into sorrowful resignation

All done – never again, he’s never coming back.

And when the darkness could get no deeper,

And the gaping hole in my soul

Refused to believe it would ever heal,

It came, at first just a thought,

A glimmer but

With such potential.

Showing me that it was possible

Proving that the heart has no limits

No drought of feeling.

It has the capacity to heal and

The willingness to take that chance,

Yet again, in spite of me.

The old pain will never fully heal

But now it serves as a reminder

Of the depth and power of emotion

And the pain of loss.

A pain that proves the existence of all there is

And how it can be again.

But only when belief and faith are there.

And so I continue the search, in love with love,

Never to give up,

Never to allow the despair and

Rejection stand in my way again.




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