Night Watch

Night watch, waiting for sunrise.

The clock ticks, it is 2:30.


The world feels like a different place

At this early morning hour.


The forest sleeps, as clouds drift and

Night surrounds.


There is peace in silence,

Broken only by the hoot of an owl,


The bark of a fox and the slow

Steady breathing of my love.


His body is draped over mine

As if to hold me here, to keep me from escaping


And being lost

In another place.


A place of dreams, a place

Of memories of joy.


But he keeps me with him,

In sleep as if in love.


I long for his hands to protect me, his heart to shield me,

And as I lie awake with my longing


the owl hoots and the fox barks and

I close my eyes and melt into my love.


It should be tender and safe in his love,

I know he is capable of giving me all that he is, but he won’t.


So instead it is sad and hollow,

As I am in love, alone.




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