Just a Dream

Darkness surrounds,

Light glimmers above.

The world is at peace.

Night hides the pain,

Hides the hurt,

Softens the cold,

Enriches the pleasure,

And stills the breath.

My dreams revolve

And leave me spent.

They are awash in his warmth,

Alive with his kisses.

Smothering soul, heat and passion,

Love and life,

Rolled into one.

A dream to fulfill,

A goal to meet,

A soul to graft to.

But daylight brings reality.

It crashes in and shatters my dream.

Piece fly about like shard of glass,

Cutting and slicing my heart and hands.

My armor cracks and cannot protect me,

The shards are too sharp, too strong, to fresh,

The reality to harsh

But no longer mine or his.

It belongs to another time and place,

Outsourced to someone else.

But the result is always the same,  still I remain alone and bleeding

Cut to the core.

Sadness and soulfulness creep in

And linger in the corners of the room.

And as night returns the cycle begins again,

The cycle of dark and warmth, love and life,

Only to turn to pain and blood.

Alone again – always a dream,

Always just a dream.



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