Daughters – this is one of my very first poems written a number of years ago, it needs some help, but thought I would share it anyway :)

Daughters are a special gift

A blessing and a trial

But ours to hold nonetheless –

If only for a while

And in their eyes, we see ourselves

As once we were young too

But days and years fly by too fast

As they are prone to do,

Soon we find ourselves in our grandma’s shoes

With lovely daughters by our sides, in roles we rarely choose

Our roles reversed, or so it seems

to those who don’t believe

The joy to be my daughter’s child

Until I have to leave

(maybe someday I will rewrite this, it needs it – but I kind of like it the way it is too so…)

Soul Sisters

In friendship we travel

this life together.

Stronger than romantic love with

No obligations, no guilt, just love freely given.

My soul sister and I are

bound by our thoughts and hearts.

Individuals by nature but

Sisters by choice.

We echo each other’s thoughts, our

emotions are shared and any pain made lighter.

A friendship of understanding and caring, no

Judgments, no pretense.

She starts, I finish,

I fail, she picks me up … again.

The happy light in her eyes

fills my soul with smiles and

Her tears drown me in sadness.

Her feelings are mine as mine are hers.

A bond for all life, never to be broken by years or age, distance or death.

An understanding and trust found deep and silent in our souls, no need for words.

I love you my soul sisters.

Chelsea Paige

My daughter,

Today is her birthday.


I remember it well.

23 years ago, a beautiful day.


The beginning of an amazing life,

An amazing human being.


My life has been so enriched by sharing it with her.

We have had difficult times, hard times for her,


But her love has always shown in spite of it all,

Making my world a better place.


I am so thankful to have this opportunity

To share this life with such a beautiful person.


I have learned so much from her

And I have tried to give her all that I am.


She is gracious and has forgiven me my faults

As I tried to guide her through a life that has not been always easy


But the light in her beautiful eyes has never dimed

Even in the hardest times.


She is a survivor but more than that

She is a life force, an old soul


A gift and a pleasure to know

I am honored to be her mother.