Chelsea Paige

My daughter,

Today is her birthday.


I remember it well.

23 years ago, a beautiful day.


The beginning of an amazing life,

An amazing human being.


My life has been so enriched by sharing it with her.

We have had difficult times, hard times for her,


But her love has always shown in spite of it all,

Making my world a better place.


I am so thankful to have this opportunity

To share this life with such a beautiful person.


I have learned so much from her

And I have tried to give her all that I am.


She is gracious and has forgiven me my faults

As I tried to guide her through a life that has not been always easy


But the light in her beautiful eyes has never dimed

Even in the hardest times.


She is a survivor but more than that

She is a life force, an old soul


A gift and a pleasure to know

I am honored to be her mother.

5 thoughts on “Chelsea Paige

  1. Such a beautiful birthday and life tribute to your young lady! You have said so many things that one can believe to be so true that it is wonderful to read such lovely words about a heart you truly care for. To the both of you, continue building your great relationship as you will both win from it!

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