I do not love easily,

My love is hard.


I want it all, now.

Don’t hold back, I never do.


I can’t read your mind,

I won’t do your dance.


I want what I want,

But will give you all that I am.


Do you think you can handle that?



My passion is all encompassing and

I will give it all to you.


I don’t do anything halfway

And expect you not to either.


Don’t play stupid games with me,

I’m not a child.


I will not tolerate being treated badly.

Be good to me, and I’ll give you my world.


A world of passion like you have never seen or felt,

A love from the bottom of my soul, and a passion that will all but smother you.


Don’t throw that world back at me

I wouldn’t do that to you.


Intentional neglect will never work.

If you want me to go, say so, but don’t put it on me to let you go because I won’t.


I dislike cowards, don’t be one.

Say what you mean, and only what you mean.


I can take your rejection if it comes,

But not your coldness.


There is no need for that,

I didn’t ask for this.


Be as good to me in the end as in the beginning.

Smile if you say goodbye and feel the pain in my heart, you put it there.


I didn’t expect to love you, didn’t want to

Neither did you, but love happens.


Don’t lie or make light of us,

That isn’t fair.


It could be wonderful if you would let it,

But then again, it could be a mistake.


There are no guarantees

No sure things, so


Think about what you do,

As I do not love easily.