Indecision drills holes in my mind.

Each hole filling with a different scenario, a different color, a different feeling.

Why so many?  Too many to choose from,

Will you choose for me, please…

Tell me what’s right; what’s true, what’s good.

Take away some of the choices, lie if you must but show me the right one.

Brain fog like smoke obscures and clouds my choices.

Tears turn to streaks of soot in the ashes of memories and fire.

And although the fire is hidden under an insulating layer of ash

Smolding and hot,

Eventually it will burn its way through to light the holes in my mind and reignite the choices,

Showing me the one I already know I’ll make, leaving the others empty and cold.

But even knowing I can’t choose, it is not in me, I can’t do it, I want it too much.

Could you choose for me, please…



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