“I never knew just what was wrong with me, until your kiss helped me name it…”

Such a beautiful line and so true, for me.


And now what?

My soul is back in the lost and found – again.


Do you think about it? Do you feel anything?

What manner of love was it or was it love at all? I know it was for me.


And that connection I felt between us, the one so strong

I could feel it in the dark of night from 10 miles away,


You said you felt it too…

Did you really?


All the things you said to me, those loving, lustful wonderful words you whispered in my ear,

Were they all exactly the same words you spoke to all the others?


Was there anything at all about me

That made me even the slightest bit special to you?


And why did you tell me?

You said as soon as you saw me that day you knew you couldn’t lie to me.


Why? What was difference this time?



Why did you keep walking or running away, just to come back over and over?

I don’t understand.


I am lost in a dark confusion with a million questions to ask

But I am afraid of you.


I am afraid to know anymore.

I don’t think my heart could take it..


So what do I do, tell me

Poetry Man, tell me.