What My Heart Can Never Forget

Falling raindrops etch memories

On the surface of the lake.

But their individual impressions fade and

Each drop becomes one with the collective whole.

When the first drop fell, did it know that

It was only the beginning, the start of something so much bigger than itself?

As the lake began, so my love for you began with a drop

A moment in time, an awakening thought,

And one by one, those moments and thoughts etched themselves

On the surface of my heart until

It could hold no more. The dam broke and the

Flood consumed my soul.

And now?

What of now?

You will give me no more moments or thoughts of love,

No more drops to refresh my heart.

In time the lake will evaporate from neglect until all that will be left

Is that first drop, alone in a dry and empty place.

Do you remember the freshness and

Beauty of that first drop?

Does your heart remember and feel

What mine knows and can never forget?

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