Creator as Creation

The undisputable evidence of the creator

Surrounds me.

She is in the heart of every rain drop,

She is the voice of the thunder.

Her soft strong hand holds the sun in the sky,

And the birds on the wing.

All life is a manifestation of

Her will and beauty.

To deny her is to deny

My very existence and the existence of all that I love.

Her voice echoes in the wind and her love

Caresses my face with moonshine and starlight.

Only she knows the time of the seasons,

As she knows the passions of my heart.

Life without the acceptance of her presence

Is possible – but empty.

My practice of Buddhism, without her foundation, without her to seek in the

Stillness of mind,

Would become empty and shallow, self serving,

An interesting preoccupation only.

I see her in every flower, every mountain top,

Every smile.

She exists in all of creation, every part and particle,

Every quark and lepton, every neutrino and vibrating string.

They all bear her thoughts and are ruled, created and

Imbibed with her universal consciousness.

A consciousness that she freely and openly shares with each and every one of us,

All we have to do is seek and she will answer.

She is an endless thought, an endless love, all encompassing, and all knowing.

She holds all the possibilities of eternity in her thoughts and ideals.

The creator has become the creation. She resides in me and you.

Reach for her in the darkness and feel her light and hope,

Open your eyes and be awake to her presence, your heart will echo her joy forever

And you will never be alone again.

She will never disappoint you,

She knew you before you were born.

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