Anticipation, a sweet, exciting

Thought, a lovely, warm need.

In my mind, I feel his handsome face,

See his beautiful eyes, taste his delicious mouth.

My anticipation grows, it stalks me,

Won’t let me be, makes me want,

Proves to me that I am alive,

Makes me feel like a woman.

A real woman, a complement to this man,

We are the two halves of our one equation.

While I count the hours, the anticipation builds

With expectations of the familiar.

A familiar trust,

A familiar knowing.

I trust in his knowing of me,

He trusts in my knowing of him and

Our equation is made complete.

7 thoughts on “Anticipation

    1. I am very well, thank you! I think it was last week you sent me a comment that had information in it about our believes? I can’t find that comment, could you send it again, please. Thank you my friend! Thank you for caring, much peace, Michelle


  1. These are some links about islam – animated, about 5 pillars of islam – what is islam? its basics? – by yousuff estes (a revert to islam) – I love his presentations 🙂 – basics of islam (episode 1 of series islam unveiled)

    I hope you find them useful dear.

    These are youtube vedios. In case you prefer reading, I’ll get you other links.


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