Dreams Within Dreams

This is so moving and feels so real to me, amazing. Richard is a wonderful writer, very talented and it definitely shows in this piece and so many others on his blog. Read more of his work, you will be impressed!

Richard M. Ankers

“Is this the end of the world?” the traveller asked.

“Of one world,” the old man replied.

“Have I strayed so far from the path?”

“There are many paths in the spaces between stars, many options for one to choose from. Reality is a spider’s web of intangible forces that we may tinker with but never truly understand.” The old man picked a fleck of sea spray from the air pinching it between his thumb and forefinger before it could freeze. He turned the thing over and allowed it to roll back onto his palm a small globule of cobalt and jade.

“My world?” queried the traveller.

“Ah, you learn fast, faster than my other guests.”

“Do they come here often?”

“You ask a lot of questions of a man who enjoys the solace of time’s end.”

“So, this is the end of time.”

“And forever has been,” replied the…

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