My place Path to the void The void Sacred Mountain Space

A place that calls to me.

Sunlight and blue sky, clouds,  mountain shadows

And Hawk’s winged cries.

I know this place from

Another time, another heart.

I showed him the pictures, so much like

Mt. Kailash, he agreed.

Time passed, as did he, no chance to see together

No chance to share as before.

We both knew, as did the mountain, by

It’s stars reflected in the lake.

Mystic longings,

A spirit dwelling

Timeless expanse contained

Between the peaks, a space of knowing

A place of soul, eternal.

A portal to the past and a gateway to the future.

Please, Sri, reach for me through the veil, tell me again what I need to hear

You know this place  as I do, I am sitting on the “rock” waiting.

Lift the mists once more and look for me

I will meet you there, I promise

Waiting for J at Star Lake