Seeping Sadness

Sadness seeps in and

Covers my heart.

No reason, nothing has changed,

Maybe that’s the reason?

Ceiling fans hum and night moths

Flutter against the window glass.

Sweet violin music floats

Through my room and head

And brings me to a place

Of tears and beauty.

A classic combination that takes me

With it every time.

Please, shut it off, dry my tears

Turn off the light,

Set the moths free.

17 thoughts on “Seeping Sadness

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  2. Fateema Abdallah

    You know what Michelle, I feel that for each of your poem one will enjoy the meaning and beauty if it’s accompanied by meditation songs. Imagine playing a “nature song” for example and reading your poems, that would be a great experience.


    1. I almost always have my meditation music playing when I write, it is the only way I can get into the mood, keeps my mind focused and blocks out all else. Thank you, as always, for your comments and for reading… your friendship is very valuable to me, 🙂 Michelle


      1. Fateema Abdallah

        wow so i got it right when i thought that one needs to play such music while reading your texts. I also feel inspired when playing meditation music or classical ones. I loathes noise.


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