I Will Love Him Still

It is easy to love everyone.

Strangers are always the easiest.

We can love them from a distance,

never get too close.

I can honestly say that I wish

No one on this planet any harm,

I send my love and positive thoughts

To everyone.

I am a spiritual person and

Practice loving kindness.

It is easy to love from a distance.

It’s even easy to love casual acquaintances.

We interact in a limited way,

Smile and wish each other well in passing.

Even most friends are easy to love

We care, share and then we go home.

But the ones we love the most,

The ones who tear our hearts out, they are the hardest to love.

We love in spite of the problems,

In spite of the heartbreaks.

In spite of the disappointments,

In spite of the real person under our fantasies of love.

It takes courage to really love,

To dive in head and heart first, unaware of the depth of emotion it will cost.

Loving truly always has a price,

A price in pain, a chance to fail.

But to truly love, to get beyond all the stuff,

To push it all aside and behold the inner truth and beauty of love is well worth the effort.

He has broken my heart many times.

He has disappointed me and left me to grieve alone.

He has walked away over and over again

With “I’m sorry” flowing freely.

He doesn’t want me and yet he does.

He is afraid but tries to be fearless, he succeeds and then fails again.

He loves everyone but no one

in particular.

Yet in spite of all this, or maybe

even because of it all, I love him still.

I love him because he tries, he is honest in the moment.

He is kind and loving, in his way, and sincere.

Sometimes we have to look hard at a person

to really see them.  He is worth seeing.

I want to hold his heart in mine and

help him be all that he wants to be.

I want my love to wash over him and

take away his fears and doubts in himself and in me.

I want my hands to lead him

to a place of hope and peace.

A place where he can rest in me and not want for anything more.

Maybe someday he will let me take him there.

Maybe someday… and if not?

I will love him still.

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