A Beautiful Truth

Is he real or just a thought,

Just a beautiful thought.

A real flesh and blood man, or just my

Projection of what I have always hoped for.

Oh but real he is, my mind could not make this up.

It is beyond thought, beyond truth.

His eyes look into my soul

And carry me to places I have never been.

His kisses turn me inside out

And leave me breathless.

His hands hold my heart and

Caress my thoughts.

His sexual power is limitless,

And his lovemaking magical.

He is a man of spirit and light,

Kindness and love.

A talent and a gift with a

Soul of tenderness.

The world stands still when

We are together and time ceases to exist.

This way is my acceptance, my choice

My rules, and my sacrifice.

I can change my expectations,

But not my feelings.

There are some things that will never change,

Never cease to be a part of me, and my love for him is one of those things.

And what of that? Is it a sorry fate,

An overwhelming sadness, it could be but

It is not, instead it is a love with no bounds, no bonds, no limits, no lies, no guilt.

Just tenderness, and belief, a belief in each other and mutual respect.

I recently read a definition of the term relationship.  “A relationship is a heart searching for a home and longing looking for a place to be”.

My heart has been searching for years and has finally

found a home,

But the door is shut.

The longing can see in through the windows,

but they are all broken.

So I will accept this and will sit and hold my heart,

and cradle my longing, while waiting for time to stop again and

for his eyes to carry me to those places

where the door is always open, and the windows whole.

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