No More

Soul searching,

What will I find?

The truth or just

My version of it.

What do i want from him?

For him to be what I want?

How unfair, how bizarre.

A stuffed animal in the corner

Would have as much soul,

one of my making.

Knotted ropes

slug round the edges.

Tethered to trees,

Tethered to hearts.

A mix of emotions,

Strong and weak.

Inappropriate in this need,

Soul grazing.

Fueling my heart,

But with false wants.

Irrational needs,

to  much to hope for.

I want it all, now

before it is too late

Before life is over and

I have lost.

The chances are over, nothing is left

I have missed it.

I want to love.

To love and be loved now.

I have waited far to long already,

But the hope fades

The darkness wins and

I am no more.



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