A Perfect Fit

You are just the right size, my love

In every way…


Shoulders wider,

Chest fuller.


Narrow hips and

Just a bit taller.


We were made from the

Same clay, you and I.


Not so much as copies but complements

Of each other.


Made in his likeness,

In his heart.


This union is made of memories reclaimed from the past.

A connection formed over time, not created anew.


A past together that was

Lost and then found.


A perfect fit.




4 thoughts on “A Perfect Fit

  1. Hello! I found your blog from a comment on a comment! That is almost a kind of poetry in itself! I see no about page, so I read some of your poems and am commenting here. This one is lovely, indeed! What inspires you for your prolific work? How long have you been writing?


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