My loves

Thank you my sisters, my we’moon.

My light was dim,

And you rallied.

My heart was hurt,

And you held me up.

I was lost in sorrow,

And you smiled and encouraged.

Your prayers and thoughts

Floated to me on wings of silk,

A soft touch but some hard truths,

Hard to hear, and hard to speak, but

All in the name of love.

I love too hard,

I love too completely but

It is the only way I know how to love.

Some would say I have to learn to hold back, to not give it all,

But if my love is given to the right man,

There is no need for limits, no need to hold back.

Such action would be a lie

Against all that I know.

Such ways are others, not mine.

I thought he was the one.

I thought he could handle my love;

He can’t and I am sad for him.

But I am tired of all of this.

I am tired of thinking,

Of caring, of crying.

I am tired of wanting and watching,

of loving and hurting,

Of waiting for someone else to want.

There is wanting but no love,

Loving is a choice, for some, for him but

For me, there is no choice.

It may never be and that is a sadness

I must live with, a sadness

To be lost in another time

In another place,

Another life,

Another love.

But lost, nonetheless.

I would be gone, lost in confusion and sadness

If not for my we’moon,

The sisters of my soul and daughters of my body.

The true loves of my life,

Goddesses all.

Lovers of life and light

Never to flicker or fade

Never to abandon.

Trustworthy and strong.

Keepers of my soul and heart, the embodiment of caring,

of faithfulness and understanding.

Thank you my sisters, my daughters

My we’moon

My loves


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