Word Keepers

 They are everywhere.

They sit in piles on my bureau,

stacks on end tables and desktops.

They stand in rows on shelves and are silent,

each holding its own unique secrets.

I can hear their silent words,

Feel their thoughts pushing against their covers.

They wait and are patient, 

a wealth of knowledge standing by.

Always steady in their thoughts, never changing their minds,

dependable and steadfast,

reliable and faithful.

I feel their presence surround me,

Taste their flavor,

and am overwhelmed by their potential.

They hold the key to so much,

so much just waiting on the shelves, desktops and end tables,

enriching my space with their presence,

waiting for me to open their covers and

Set their words free.

3 thoughts on “Word Keepers

    1. thank you! I even sleep with some of my books, I’m always reading more than one at a time so I keep one or two under the pillow on the other side of my bed… I am a bit strange but just love my books, my house if full! 🙂


    2. Anonymous

      One of the blessings of our current isolation is so much more time to read! My books are mostly on my kindle, which works for me because there’s no room to stack books, lol. Take care, stay safe. 🤗

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