The One That Became The Last.


The sky is happy to hold you,

While the earth still mourns your leaving.


Time does not heal,

Emptiness lingers here.


The scent of the grass,

The wild flowers’ blooming procession marks the time but knows no past or future.


This place is the eternal now

As it was when you and I walked here together.


At sunset the sadness dampens the grass and holds still the heartbeat of remembrance.

Yet in spite of time and sorrow, this place remains unchanged.


It holds its breath, its heart waits

And sighs and wonders why.


Why can the sky hold you so close while the earth and my heart long for your footsteps,

The sound of your voice, the scent of your skin, the light of your smile.


And when the sun sets and the horizon grows dark

And takes you away from me, again,

Do you remember the first time?

The one that  became the last?

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