Sunrise Lover


Sunrise lover from

Soft, warm darkness.

Light filters in at dawn and

Rises from the floor and spreads to the ceiling.

As the room brightens, his form slowly comes into being,

Emerging from the rumpled pile of bedclothes.

Smooth, soft, dark and lovely.

I lie with him, my face resting against his.

In the half-light I can just make out

His eyelashes, resting on his smooth cheek.

His noble nose is outlined by the

Light spilling in through the window.

His lips are beautiful and full,

Soft and sweet.

As the room continues to lighten,

His breathing quickens and his body stretches.

I move back just a bit

To take in his whole being.

He is strong, lean and beautiful

All I could ever want or need.

His eyes flutter open and his smile,

At seeing my face so close to his,

Is so beautiful and welcoming

As if to say he missed me while he slept.

( re-posted favorite)

9 thoughts on “Sunrise Lover

    1. Thank you so much for the reblog, very kind of you and much appreciated. This poem is one of my very favorites as this man was one of my very favorites… sadly he is not still with me but… I have lovely memories. Michelle

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      1. I am so impressed by all the wonderful people I have met on this blog over the last almost two years, it is amazing!! Not once have I met someone rude or unpleasant. does my heart good to know so many good people, of which you are one, of course! Michelle

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