Turn the Page

My soul sister posted a quote recently which read,

“There comes a time when you have to choose between

turning the page and closing the book”

An interesting concept, which choice will I make?

To do both is not possible; to do neither is not responsible.

The book cover is heavy, hard and cold but like the inside of the story,

The page is light, fragile, and forgiving.

The cover traps the future and the past within, between the front and the back while

The spine, the soul of the book, holds it all together in silence.

Once the book is closed, there is no turning back, anything left unfinished is buried,

It is too late, no recourse, just the blank stare of the title looking back from the cover.

And what if there is no title, does it mean there was no book,

No story told?

The other choice, to turn the page, is a gentler action, one done with softness

And kindness, an action of action but not of finality.

No demands or judgment, just the presence of mind to acknowledge that a change is due,

A new way to see, a deeper way to love, physically and emotionally.

An ending of sorts, but not really,

More a shift in perspective, a new beginning together.

The book cover is heavy, cold and dead but turning

The page allows change, nothing need be left undone or unspoken and no one left unloved.

I have made a choice. I am not ready for the heavy cover,

I will not close the book, end the story; bury him away between the beginning and the end.

No, my heart won’t allow it;

My soul won’t accept it, so instead

I will gently turn the page, I will rewrite, edit and proofread the lines. I will work on developing the characters and plot, but I will always keep the subject and love intact,

Because the story of my heart cannot be rewritten,

And the song of my soul can only be sung by him.

2 thoughts on “Turn the Page

  1. I knew the ending of my book, so I closed it, I was tired, and worn out, hoping it would change, and knowing it never would. I hope your story turns out different…I still love the guy, but I still had to close the book. Was never gonna work. Love you….big hugs….


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