My Child-Self

Sad little girl,

Come, sit with me.

Let me hold you, dry your tears,

Kiss your sweet little face.

I know you are hurt, I understand, I see her,

I see how she is, how she treats you.

Come and sit close, you can trust me,

I will protect you; there is no hurting here.

I know you are too little to understand, and

Too innocent to see the shame and fear she holds inside.

All you know is the pain of her betrayal.

I know and see how hard you try to please her, yet still she is hateful and mean.

I hear her tell you daily that you are not good enough, are funny looking and how she wishes she had never given birth to you.

I see and feel your pain and frustration, and

It breaks my heart to watch this happen to us.

I have learned and grown while you have waited and now the time has come

For me to come back in time to you, to a time when we were one.

Look for me and don’t be afraid, come close and I will read you a story,

I know she never did.

I will hold you like my baby and sing your sorrows to sleep,

She didn’t know how.

I will show you that you are better than good enough, and

I will prove to you that there is nothing wrong with you, in spite of what she said.

You will never be alone again,

The wait is over.

Trust me my child-self,

I have enough love for both of us, I pinky-promise.

6 thoughts on “My Child-Self

    1. I have only just begun, just realized there is an inner child and that I need to take care of her, I think it is a long process but one I am glad I have finally begun, maybe it will enable me to take better care of me, to stand up for me and not always feel at the mercy of others… we’ll see but Thanks, I always value your comments 🙂 you know that 🙂

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      1. Byron Katie’s book, Living What Is, might be really helpful with that journey. She is brilliant, and loving, yet she teaches, even to her own children, “it’s not my job to mother you, (though she does…) it’s YOUR job…” Book was life changing for me. Helped me a lot with S, to take care of myself and not expect someone else to do it. I’m good. My relationship with him is changing, morphing. I’m no writing about it any longer tho, it was counter-productive.


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