There is a story behind his eyes

A complex and interesting one, full of joy and tears, passion and love.

His eyes are dark, powerful, beautiful,

And outwardly project his honestly and truth.

His gaze fills me with peace and love as his arms hold me close

And I feel his heartbeat in time with mine.

Our breathing becomes synchronized and for those few moments

I feel we are inextricably connected and all doubt is gone.

I don’t always understand him, but in his eyes I see courage, the courage to do what he feels he should in spite of what I or anyone else wants.

Such courage and strength of character are rare qualities

And serve to make my love for him more intense.

But there is more to know behind those eyes for

I feel a deep longing in his soul.

I am selfish and convince myself that his longing is for me but at the same time,

I fear that it is not, so

I watch, hope and love him unconditionally in spite of the setbacks and tears

Because that is all I know how to do.