Coming Home

I have to write.

It won’t let me stop.

Doesn’t matter that I

Have nothing to say.

I’ve said it all before,

The same sorry tune.

Nobody wants to hear it again,

Least of all me.

How dull, how lifeless

I have become.

My joy is dissolving,

I don’t know why.

I have asked my heart,

It doesn’t answer.

I want nothing, no kinds words

They won’t help. I am lost.

The longing continues,

The emptiness deepens.

I want to sleep in the forest,

Walk along the mountain sides,

Watch the hawks circle

in the updrafts,

and find my place in it all.

To be where I belong, to come home to me, once again.

32 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Fateema Abdallah

    “How dull, how lifeless
    I have become.
    My joy is dissolving,
    I don’t know why.”

    I am feeling exactly the same. Sending you lot of hugs dear Michelle.


    1. Hello my other grandson! nice to hear from you. I am well. Have been getting more involved in my areas local food movement, very interesting and a real passion of mine. I am an avid gardener so this is right up my alley! Getting ready to have a summer solstice party this weekend with all my lady friends, should be fun, fire and wine and lots of drumming and signing!! hope you are well, What have you been up to?! I love your writing!! you are very talented and I look forward to read all of your blog πŸ™‚ much love and peace to you. Michelle


  2. To be where I belong, to come home to me, once again….

    Yes, exactly that. When we love someone else too much they become our sense of home. What was once within us is now with them, and so when they withdraw they take with them the place that we belong, the place we seek for comfort, leaving us lost, lonely and wandering.


  3. i felt this way too….so, I make a move to find myself again by being one with God and the universe instantly like magic I’m finally home again. This is great and wonderful poem simple yet it touch my soul that nobody could , but you.


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