Sweet Surrender

Shadows dance on the wall

And candles flicker their witness.


Love’s mystery is practiced and plays out

In his eyes and actions.


His eyes so sweet,

His actions so strong.


His arms encircle my body and heart and

His words sing to my soul and fill my senses.


The heart and heat of his touch becomes an addiction,

An addiction I am hopelessly lost in.


One so strong it will take over my being if I am not careful

But I fear it may be too late for caution,


He already owns my soul and

My body reacts on its own and moves and plays in harmony with his.


But this is not a love I can rest in,

It requires attention to keep it in check.


It threatens to take over,

To become all encompassing.


I need to retain the upper hand, reign it in,

Tame it down, hold it back.


But my resolve is weakening,

My strength losing ground as my heart prepares for surrender.


But in the end I realize I have nothing to fear,

As it is a sweet surrender, and one I give willingly to him, only him.

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