Turbulence of soul,

Confusion of heart.

That instant when you know

When you trust and

All else falls away.

The essence of love is all that remains.

The abandon of laughter

Of tears.

One joined with the other,

No separation, no conflicts.

A total acceptance of all there is

Of the other’s heart and soul.

To share as one

No division of being.

But it is all just a dream.

My sadness in longing for

What will never be, can never be

Because it doesn’t exist.

I am chasing an impossible dream.

Refusing to believe it can never be

In spite of proof.

Proof that human hearts will never

Live up to my longings

Not even my own.

That storybook love that takes your breath away,

That stops your heart,

That lets you lose yourself in his eyes,

I’m told it isn’t real, but

I have felt it.

How can it be just an illusion?

A one-sided dream?

Not a truth, a fairytale love,

Never to be returned.  But I did find it, once

It was a wonderful, soft, warm, moment in time

When I lost myself in his eyes and let myself believe that the fantasy was real.

And it was, but only for a moment, an eternal moment.

But only one,

Only mine

One sided