Keepers of the Leaves

The trees know,

Their arms are raised in praise.


They are the silent watchers,

Keepers of God’s grace.


Witnesses to earth’s energy and

Sentinels of belief.


Living unmoving, uncomplicated lives

With a dedication to truth, they know no other way.


Their lives are lived in darkness and solitude

But with a shared purpose.


They are the keepers of the leaves,

The holders of the inner light.


Their towering strength and imposing presence

Gives voice to the wind.


They are the epitome of trust, glorious beings,

watching and waiting.




sleeping winter trees
sleeping winter trees

7 thoughts on “Keepers of the Leaves

  1. yours are more beautiful than mine, but I have something to add to it someday when my innermost wish will be granted. Then it would be perfect it can compliment between my beloved soul sister and me.

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