The wind arrived at 5:01 this morning,

The trees announced its coming.

It pushed its way over the hill, across the field

And into the valley of the brook.

A force of life, of love and

Change, one who’s meaning is often overlooked.

We owe the wind a debt of gratitude for all in inspires.

Gratitude for the fluff of cattails,

The parachutes of milkweeds and

The helicopter blades of maple seeds.

An interaction of seed and wind,

Proof of the interconnectedness of everything.

The seeds acknowledge the existence of the wind

Without ever having seen it.

Faith in its simplest form

But filled with the complexity of eons.

Two supposedly inanimate objects

Interacting for the continuance of life.

More proof of the creator manifest

In the creation.

A creation alive with the splendor of wind and light,

Love and tenderness,

Man and woman,

Wind and seed, here and now.

All there really is – he said

You and I.