Strong Women

A wonderful piece of writing and all so very true!! please read and visit her blog, you will be glad you did!!


Strong women don’t fall in love.

They tread in love.Strong women entertain love, they flirt with it, they embody it with caution and they escape from it unscathed. Everyone knows that. Only weak women allow love to affect them. Strong women couldn’t care less.

Strong women live their lives alone.

They may have flings or fuck-buddies or even domestic partnerships but never, ever lovers. Love makes you crippled and small. Love stops you from achieving what you want out of life. Strong women don’t fall in love because love is an emotion. And real women do not feel anything pervasively. Real women switch their sentiments on and off like a light switch. Real women are strong because they have mastered detachment. And detachment is the ultimate end goal.

Anyone else tired of hearing these tirades?

Because I am. I am tired – and I don’t think I’m alone – of…

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