The Pine Gate

Parking lot windmill

Blades spin in silence, marking the way.

Rolling field of cars, trucks

And people.

Patchouli, silver, crazy hair

All marks of common individuality.

The pine forest path, is alive with

Footsteps and hoof beats.

Humanity and animals moving together

In one direction, with one purpose.

The darkness and shelter of the forest

Leads the way as

Geese fly overhead honking their


The aromas of open fire cooking and

Dried herbs greet before they are seen.

The tide of humanity funnels through the

Narrow gate and the fair experience begins.

Rows of tents housing crafters of natural goodness and

Organic foods are offered for sale.

Barns of animals grace the open fields

Sharing this natural experience with us.

Life the way is should be, always,

Natural, whole, nourishing and good.

Children dressed as vegetables

Parade around the grounds.

Dirty faces, hay filled hair and

Bright sparkling eyes of health.

The common experience of wholeness

Completes the equation, no litter, no lies.

Only goodness and the hope for a new, gentle and wholesome

Way of life is to be found at the Common Ground Fair.

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